Listing Tours involves 3 steps.

1.Tour Registration 2.Tour Availability and 3.Tour Unavailability.

Follow written and instructional Videos(Below).

Step1: Tour Registration

1.Log into your account

2.Click on the arrow pointing downwards after the account name

3. Menu will appear showing: Dashboard, BookingHistory, Logout.

4.Click on Dashboard. You will be taken to your Account Dashboard

5. Scroll down the menu bar on the left and click on the arrow opposite Tours

6.Menu will appear showing: My Tour, add new tour, Add Booking Tour, Tour Bookings

7.Click on add new tour to add a new tour

8. A page will appear;

      Add Tour Name, Tour Description and then press Continue

      INFO (Select Tour Categories from the list)

Select Tour Categories from the list

Select Duration of the tour( 5 Days 4 Nights )

Select  Minimum and Maximum number of travelers

Under Bookings Options click on the arrow and select “Instant & Enquire Booking” 

Under Tour Included and Tour Excluded List what is included in the package and what is not included.

Tour Highlight; Enter information on the tour highlights

Tour FAQ; Click on Add New. Enter the Frequently Asked Question on the space below Title. Enter the Answer under Description. To add Another question click on  Add New and repeat the process. Answer as many frequently asked questions in this section as possible. Heading should be Questions

8.To add Itinerary day by day click on Add New under Tour Program. When you click on Add New three headings will appear; Title, Image, Description. Title write eg (Day 1  Arrival at Serengeti NP) . Image you can upload an image related to the activity of the Day(Optional can be omitted).Description ( Describe what will happen on that day).To add another Day to the Itinerary click on Add New and repeat the whole process. After uploading the itinerary press Continue to proceed to Photos section


Under Photos, there is TOUR IMAGE(Featured Image). This image will be the main image of the tour. Gallery upload images related to the tour or any image from the company uploading the tour. Under Video attach a link to a Youtube video related to the tour. (Video is optional). Press Continue and proceed to PRICE section.

10. PRICE section

Under Show Price by select Price by Person

Enter Adult Price, Child Price, and Infant Price then Press Continue to proceed to LOCATIONS section

11. LOCATIONS section

Under location choose the Country, Place

Under Real Tour Adress enter the actual location address. Type the address Finally click on COMPLETE REGISTRATION. This completes the registration Step and then we are left with AVAILABILITY section only.PRICES will NOT show until after prices have been uploaded in the AVAILABILITY SECTION.


Step2: Tour Availability and Pricing


1.Click on the arrow opposite the Business Name.

2.Click on Dashboard.

3.Scroll down the left side menu to Tours.

4.Click on the arrow opposite tours.

5.Click on My Tour.

6.Prices show up as zero, after completion of tour registration(Step 1 above) as shown. To fix this we need to edit the tour as part of step two of tour registration.

7.Click on Edit.

8.Click on Availability.

9.Enter Adult, Child, and Infant tour prices in the space provided.

10.Under Status choose Available.

11.Click on Bulk Edit.

12.Tick Days Of the Week, Days Of Month, Months, and Years. Initially, we make Tours available throughout the year. In the next video, we will demonstrate how to make some days unavailable.

13.Enter Base, Adult, Child, and Infant Price. Base Price is the minimum price.

14.Under Status, choose Available.

15.Click on Save.

16.A spinning wheel will appear, as prices are uploaded into the calendar. This may take a few minutes. Wait until the wheel stops spinning, and prices are successfully uploaded into the calendar.

17.Message added successfully, will appear at the bottom.

18.Click Continue.

19.A green successful message will appear.

20.Click Continue, followed by Continue in sequence at the bottom, and finally click on Complete. Green ticks should appear on the headings at the top. This step is important to double-check if the information entered is correct. Only after this step is complete, will the tour show on the website.

21.Click on Complete.

22.Green message successfully will appear at the top. Refresh the website page, search and check if the newly added Tour appears on the website. Step 3 demonstrates how to make a tour booked or unavailable.

Step3:How to Make a Tour Unavailable or Booked

1.Click on the arrow opposite the Business name.

2.Click on Dashboard.

3.Scroll down the left side menu to Tours.

4.Click on the little arrow opposite Tours.

5.Click on My Tour.

6.You will be taken to your Tour dashboard.

7.Click on Edit.

8.Click on Availability.

9.In this example, the tour is unavailable from the twentieth to the twenty-fifth of February. (20-25 February).

10.Enter the check-in date, and check-out dates when the tour will be unavailable.

11.Then enter Adult, Child, and Infant prices for the tour.

12.Under Status, choose Unavailable.

13.Click on Update.

14.Blank spaces, representing unavailable dates, should appear on the Calendar.

15. Double-check if the changes are reflected on the website, by searching for the tour. If the changes do not reflect on the website, Press Continue, followed by Continue till Complete.

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