Registration Part1


1.At the far upper right-hand corner click on ”Sign Up“.

2. A Sign-Up form will pop up and you will be asked to enter your details. If you signing up as a Company/Service Provider select “PARTNER User”. Enter Username and Email address which should be Company details, if you are registering as a Company.

3.Accept Terms and Conditions and Click on “Sign Up

4. After clicking on Sign Up, a message will appear indicating that “Registration Successful” with a “Login Now” message below it. Simultaneously an email will be sent to your inbox.

5.Click on the “Login Now.” to access your Dashboard. You maybe be asked to re-enter your email and password to log in.



Registration Part2 :Company Details & Documentation

1.On the left side of the Dashboard Click on Settings

2.Enter Company Details. Paypal Account, Phone Number, Click on Avatar and upload Company logo

3. Enter  Location Details and Enter Save Details

4.Message “Update successfully “should appear at the top.


Registration Part3: VERIFICATIONS

Click on Verifications

1.Enter the names of the Company Representative. Upload the ID. Enter the Date of Birth of the Company Representative as it appears on the relevant ID. Upload a picture of the Company Representative.

2.Enter Company Details and upload Relevant Company Certificates

3.Click on Submit after Uploading Company Certificates

4.  A message Update User verification successfully will appear at the top.

5.Wait for AfriSafariBookings to verify documents or registration with relevant tourism organizations in respective countries.

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