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Since: Jul 2022 - ( 1 year 10 months )

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  • Home Airport: Port Elizabeth International Airport
  • Address: Penhurst Dairy Trust, PO Box 18, Barkley Bridge, Addo, Barkley Bridge, ADDO, South Africa


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Author's descriptionZasendle Adventures was formed with the vision of conducting Safari Tours & Self-Drive 4x4 Adventure Tours in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana & Mozambique for over 7 years ago. Offering chalet or tented safari’s targeting the international and local markets, Zasendle has diversified to meet market needs and today exceeds client expectations. The tours are led and managed by individual crews of two that manage the logistics of the group, pitch the tents (provided by Zasendle) and are fully catered for through a mobile bush kitchen that provides two meals a day. Guests do not need to hire expensive 4x4 vehicles for an African Safari, we provide it all. Come and meet our friendly Guides, and let them take you on a African Safari of epic proportions.

Depending on the destination, whether touring 4×4, hiking or kayaking – some adventure activities are integrated into the experience.
If you are looking in seeing Southern Africa on another level, join us for a unremarkable Adventure tour. We strive to give every guest a unique experience of Southern Africa that you will never forget.

Come and see what we LOVE so much about Southern Africa and leave as friends.

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