List your Services on AfriSafariBookings for FREE. For every booking, there is an 5 % commission. All payments are received and processed by the Service Provider, not AfriSafariBookings.Alternatively, starting from only 5 USD per Month or 50 USD per Year become a member of AfriSafariBookings and pay NO commission per booking. Only registered businesses are welcome to become members. Valid Certificates of registration should be produced before registration on AfriSafariBookings. Follow the 3 simple steps below and become our member and enjoy extensive marketing of your business.

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5 $

per 31 days

  • ico checkZero Commission charge
  • ico check5 USD per MONTH
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50 $

per 366 days

  • ico checkZero Commission charge
  • ico check50 USD per YEAR
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0 $

per Unlimited

  • ico checkFree Listing
  • ico check5 % Commission charge per Booking

Frequently asked questions

Registered Businesses can choose Plan A, Plan B, or Plan C as shown below. Plan A and Plan B are shown in the tables above. To join Plan C send an email to contact@afrisafaribookings.com


1. Fixed Monthly or Yearly membership fees

2. NO charge per booking or quotation

3. Contacts can be displayed on the website

4. Payments are processed and handled by the Partner


Example: Partner has a Guest House with  Rooms. That means the partner will fall in the 1-10 Listings Monthly = 10 USD or Yearly subscription =100 USD. There is no charge on individual bookings, only a monthly or yearly subscription. If a Partner makes 10 bookings and each room costs 30 USD, through AfrisafariBookings they will be paid the full amount =10 times 30 USD= 300 USD. 


1. Deposit Advertising Credit on AfrisafariBookings

2. For every booking or quotation request there is a 2% deduction from Partners Advertising Credit

3. There are NO monthly or yearly subscription fees

4. Payments from customers are processed and handled by the Partner.


Example: A partner has listed a tour: 5 Days Safari Okavango Delta which costs 1000 USD per person. The quotation or booking for 4 people will be 4 times 1000 USD= 4000 USD.

The 2% of the total booking (4000 USD) for this booking or quotation will be 80 USD. The 80 USD will be deducted from the Partners advertising credit.


1. Join for FREE

2. For every successful booking there will be an 5% commission fee.

3. There is no monthly or yearly subscription fee.

4. Payments are processed and handled by the Partner. The Partner deducts 5% commission and keeps the rest of the payment.


Example: A partner has listed a tour 5 Day Safari Wildebeest Migration which costs 1000 USD per person. A booking for 4 people will be 4 times 1000 USD= 4000 USD

The  5% of the total booking (4000 USD ) for this booking will be 200 USD. The Partner will receive (4000 -200) USD =3800 USD

Do you charge commission on bookings?

We have three Payment Methods:

1. Member Packages

2. Pay per Quotation

3. Pay per Booking

We do not charge commission on Member Packages, only a monthly or yearly flat fee rate as shown above.

Under the Pay per Quotation, there is a commission charge of 2% for every quotation or booking successful or not. The 2% is debited from the Advertising Credit.

Pay per Booking attracts an 8% commission for every successful booking. Payment is done through AfriSafariBookings and we deduct 8% commission and forward the balance.

Which businesses are eligible to register on AfriSafariBookings?

Travel businesses that are registered with travel governing bodies in their respective countries are welcome to register on AfriSafariBookings. They must have a valid certificate and registration. We also check travel governing websites to find if a business is registered. Partners can also forward their business certificates to contact@afrisafaribookings.com

Do you offer online EFT Payments?

Yes (DPO and Paypal). We highly encourage our Partners to handle payments(This applies to Member Packages and Pay per Quotation). If a partner needs AfriSafariBookings to handle EFT payments, they have to send an email to contact@afrisafaribookings.com. Our online Payments processors are DPO and Paypal. We do not charge our Partners to use our online Payments systems.

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How do I upload my services?

Our Team is ready to help.


Follow Instructional videos and Join AfriSafariBookings Facebook Group.

Can we cancel our account at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your account at any time with no obligations.

Do you offer Free Trial?

Yes, we offer a Free Trial for a duration of 2 months. During this time we train and help our Partners on how to use the system.

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