AfriSafariBookings magazine is produced periodically by a group of freelancers. We welcome submissions from writers, and photographers passionate about African travel.

If you would like to submit a proposal, please email editor@afrisafaribookingsmag.com. Include the following in your proposal:

1.Summary of the proposal

2.Submission date

3.Authors background, previous work if any and areas of interest.

4.Photographs as attachment.

Terms and Conditions

1.Volunteers passionate about african travel and communities are welcome to submit proposals.

2.Paid proposals will also be considered on merit and remunerated accordingly. If a proposal is accepted a quotation will be sent to to writer according to our rates.

3.Your work will be published om AfriSafariBookings magazine (printed and digital).

4.Works published on AfriSafariBookings magazine should not be published anywhere else.

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